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Which Youtube Channel Should I Focus On?

THE BIG QUESTION: Which identity & Youtube channel should I focus on?

BACKGROUND: I have four passion identities, 49 books/products, two dozen active websites (88 domains), 5 blogs and 5 Youtube channels:

(a) The Ageless Adept (fasting; age reversal)
(b) The Passion Prophet (turn passion into p)
(c) The Jamaican in China (travel Asia Pacific region) youtube/jamaicaninchina
(d) The Jamaican on Saipan (tours and daily life)
(e) The LifeRhymes on Youtube (my 500+ life rhymes)

I think I can eliminate Jamaican in China™ since I’m not traveling at the moment and so there’s not enough content for the Youtube channel.

Even though it’s my flagship brand, I think I can also put The Passion Prophet on the back burner–at least for a while–simply to focus on something new.

Therefore, the two identities/channels in contention are:

The Ageless Adept™ (“How I Live a Natural Life in an Unnatural World”)


The Jamaican on Saipan™ (“Discover the history and the mystery of Saipan with Walt F.J. Goodridge, the Jamaican on Saipan!”

• Book Sales:
Based on book sales, the Ageless Adept™ series sells the most on Amazon–particularly the book Fast & Grow Young

• Personal Life:
In my own life, I’m on Day 29 of a water-only, no-food fast and am always hyperfocused on fasting and cleansing. I experiment with new products, protocols and health practices.

So, should I be focusing on The Ageless Adept™ more?


THE CASE FOR JAMAICAN ON SAIPAN (Daily life and tours here on Saipan):
• Already “famous”
Very popular Youtube videos already exist that have made me locally-known
(a) America’s Forgotten Colonies documentary: (64k + 87k) = 151,000 views
(b) What’s it Like Being Jamaican on Saipan 32,000 views
(c) Meet the Pioneers on Pagan: My Pagan adventure: 35,000 views
(d) I am in the newspapers for the articles I write, my tours and other recognition

• Book sales
My Saipan books are the next best sellers

• Personal life
This is where I live, so there’s always “a day in the life” content

• Channel head start
This channel has the most subscribers; it’s only 294, but it’s still more than the other channels.

• Business life
I do tours here and my website ( along with my tours on other platforms (Tripadvisor, Viator, etc.) occupy the top 5 or more spots on Google for a search of “saipan tours”

So, should I be focusing on the Jamaican on Saipan identity/channel more?

Maybe I need to do an informal survey:
Any thoughts? Which of these seems more appealing to you as a watcher of Youtube channels??

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