A Day in the Life

This is why I escaped from corporate confinement…

Years ago, when I was a frustrated civil engineer working in the World Trade Center in New York City, one of the motivations that prompted me to quit my job and become a passionpreneur was simply to have the freedom to go see movies in the middle of the day. That freedom can also be expressed as the freedom to be a nomadpreneur with the mobility to wander the planet–for months at a time–while still generating income!

When I travel, I take on a new identity and become “The Jamaican in China…and Beyond!” (the blog)

If you’d like to see what that freedom could like for YOU, check out my Jamaican in China Youtube channel where I upload my adventures in China, Singapore, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines and beyond! Experience a month in the life of a passionpreneur-cum-nomadpreneur, subscribe, learn about my “Many Me” travel philosophy, and use my experience as your own motivation to escape the rat race to follow your passion!

And, to learn HOW I crafted that escape and how you can too, check out Turn Your Passion Into Profit, the book!


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