Find a mission for your passion

Just a reminder. If your goal is to really commit to and follow through with a renewed and “once and for all” pursuit of your passion in the new year (by the way, now’s the time to start laying the foundation), then I suggest you attach that passion to a higher purpose–a mission, if you will–that will inspire as well as guide you on your journey.

My own mission (“I share what I know, so that others may grow”) is ever on the forefront of my mind in everything I do (including my recent 45-day no-food fast). However, I found myself actually typing that mission while updating the (current) 8th edition of my flagship publication, Turn Your Passion Into Profit  as I do every year or so.

On page 348 (in the “backmatter” of the book right before the index), I write:

[begin] As an author, and as part of my personal mission, my greatest wish is to share what I’ve learned with as many people as possible, to help them grow as I have. Towards that end, I write books, primarily, and yes I sell those books! That’s how I survive, and as we learned in Turn Your Passion Into Profit, that’s how any of us survives in this world’s current paradigm: we offer things of value others desire—whether it’s our time, experience, expertise or training—in exchange for things of equivalent value we desire.

It’s nice to know that others have, indeed, found value in my creations. My books have been used as texts for university courses, as guides by other coaches, and my ideas have been quoted by Guerrilla Marketing guru Jay Conrad Levinson, music industry pioneer Chuck D, and other business authors worldwide. It is my hope that you too can find something of value among the brands and products I’ve created as I share what I know–information, inspiration, ideas and instruction–across a range of personal passions in matters of business & entrepreneurship, writing & publishing, health & healing, travel, relationships and more, to help others grow! [end]

Followed by all of my logos:

That’s what motivates ME! That’s what fuels each new book, project, idea and the logos I use to market them!

The question is: What will inspire YOU? What’s going to be YOUR mission? What will fuel you to keep going day after day? Will it be to leave a legacy for your children? Help your family step up a notch on the ladder of prosperity? Achieve a personal sense of accomplishment? Fulfill a promise to a loved one? Live longer and in better health to help those you care about?

A worthwhile personal mission, tied to the ardent pursuit of a passion…can move mountains and change the world! Make it your mission today to find a mission for your passion!

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