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The “Hailey Wong, Passionpreneur” Coaching Final Installment

Break out the tissues for this one! Hailey is touched by the poignancy of my suggestions during this final installment of our on-the-spot passionpreneur coaching session in Macau during my Jamaican in China & Beyond adventure! (See all 5 installments on the channel)

Passion Projects

An Impromptu Passionpreneur Coaching Session Caught on Camera

Even when I’m in my “Jamaican in China & Beyond” superhero persona, my “Passion Prophet” alter-ego is often called into action: During a stroll through Old Taipa, Macau, my friend Ron and I stopped into one of his favorite frozen treat spots, a café called Céleste Artisan 943. We met Hailey Wong, passionpreneur & one of the owners of the café and started a cordial “nice-to-meet you” chat. Hailey must have uttered the magic words that coaxed the passion genie out of the bottle, and our chat turned to things passion- and purpose-related.

As described on the Taipa Village Macau site:
Tranquilly located in a cozy alley in Taipa Village, Céleste Artisan 943 appears like a normal café but is actually a vibrant and artistic space for relaxation and mind restoration. It is composed of three zones, served with different functions but embody the same craftsman’s spirit. As its name implies, “Céleste” derives from a Latin word which means “Heavenly” or “Paradise,” indicating that the space is a relaxing realm for everyone to unwind with the touch of “Art of Living.”

So, while I wasn’t in the “Passion Prophet” alter-ego at the time, this casual (but pre-ordained, universally-perfect) introduction and conversation–with Hailey and I sharing photographer duties–
became a 30+-minute convo-cum-coaching session in which we talked about:

• gaining clarity about one’s purpose on the planet

• How Céleste Artisan 943 might fulfill her purpose

• The obvious, tailor-made, soul-chosen, purpose-specific challenge to be overcome on the way to that goal

As I do in my PassionProfit™ coaching, workshops, books and on the @therealPassionpreneur Youtube channel, we don’t dwell merely on the surface of things, we take deep, introspective dives into the personality, purpose, passion and person behind the products!

Hailey has done some life coaching in the past, but as is so often the case, even the most gifted “Saviors” (see the Creator/Savior/Guru/Guide purpose foursome in Turn Your Passion Into Profit) among us–those who can see and heal others’ issues–sometimes need an objective outsider to point our eyes toward the obvious-overlooked. For even a doctor sometimes needs a doctor. Keep your tissues nearby in the later episodes: Meanwhile, here is part 1:



Passion Projects

Which Youtube Channel Should I Focus On?

THE BIG QUESTION: Which identity & Youtube channel should I focus on?

BACKGROUND: I have four passion identities, 49 books/products, two dozen active websites (88 domains), 5 blogs and 5 Youtube channels:

(a) The Ageless Adept (fasting; age reversal)
(b) The Passion Prophet (turn passion into p)
(c) The Jamaican in China (travel Asia Pacific region) youtube/jamaicaninchina
(d) The Jamaican on Saipan (tours and daily life)
(e) The LifeRhymes on Youtube (my 500+ life rhymes)

I think I can eliminate Jamaican in China™ since I’m not traveling at the moment and so there’s not enough content for the Youtube channel.

Even though it’s my flagship brand, I think I can also put The Passion Prophet on the back burner–at least for a while–simply to focus on something new.

Therefore, the two identities/channels in contention are:

The Ageless Adept™ (“How I Live a Natural Life in an Unnatural World”)


The Jamaican on Saipan™ (“Discover the history and the mystery of Saipan with Walt F.J. Goodridge, the Jamaican on Saipan!”

• Book Sales:
Based on book sales, the Ageless Adept™ series sells the most on Amazon–particularly the book Fast & Grow Young

• Personal Life:
In my own life, I’m on Day 29 of a water-only, no-food fast and am always hyperfocused on fasting and cleansing. I experiment with new products, protocols and health practices.

So, should I be focusing on The Ageless Adept™ more?


THE CASE FOR JAMAICAN ON SAIPAN (Daily life and tours here on Saipan):
• Already “famous”
Very popular Youtube videos already exist that have made me locally-known
(a) America’s Forgotten Colonies documentary: (64k + 87k) = 151,000 views
(b) What’s it Like Being Jamaican on Saipan 32,000 views
(c) Meet the Pioneers on Pagan: My Pagan adventure: 35,000 views
(d) I am in the newspapers for the articles I write, my tours and other recognition

• Book sales
My Saipan books are the next best sellers

• Personal life
This is where I live, so there’s always “a day in the life” content

• Channel head start
This channel has the most subscribers; it’s only 294, but it’s still more than the other channels.

• Business life
I do tours here and my website ( along with my tours on other platforms (Tripadvisor, Viator, etc.) occupy the top 5 or more spots on Google for a search of “saipan tours”

So, should I be focusing on the Jamaican on Saipan identity/channel more?

Maybe I need to do an informal survey:
Any thoughts? Which of these seems more appealing to you as a watcher of Youtube channels??