A Day in the Life

Amazon-KDP suspended my author account!!


On Wed, Nov 16, 2022 at 6:08 AM Kindle Content Review
FROM: KDP Account Review
TO: Walt Goodridge


We have temporarily suspended your KDP account because you submitted titles which contain content that is freely available on the web. We don’t accept content that is freely available on the web unless you are the
exclusive copyright owner of that content.

You can see the violations reflected in the following title(s):

Title: Fit to Breed…forever!: 10 causes of impotence they don’t want you to know about probably because there’s no money in the simple cures that can help improve and maintain your erection/ASIN:5247479

Before we can reinstate your account, we need you to do the following:

1. Reply to this message with the following declaration: “I confirm that I will remove any content for which I do not have the exclusive publishing rights and that I will adhere to all terms in the Content Guidelines when submitting new content”; and
2. Review your catalog and remove any titles that do not comply with the Content Guidelines or for which you do not have the necessary publishing

Until we receive a response from you regarding this issue, your account will remain blocked…..

Watch the video for an update on the situation….



“Seeker makes the move!” Words to live by

This is one of the mantras I use that dictate how I interact with others in business as well as in personal matters. It’s one of the ways I ensure that things go smoothly as I live my passionpreneur lifestyle:


Find a mission for your passion

Just a reminder. If your goal is to really commit to and follow through with a renewed and “once and for all” pursuit of your passion in the new year (by the way, now’s the time to start laying the foundation), then I suggest you attach that passion to a higher purpose–a mission, if you will–that will inspire as well as guide you on your journey.

My own mission (“I share what I know, so that others may grow”) is ever on the forefront of my mind in everything I do (including my recent 45-day no-food fast). However, I found myself actually typing that mission while updating the (current) 8th edition of my flagship publication, Turn Your Passion Into Profit  as I do every year or so.

On page 348 (in the “backmatter” of the book right before the index), I write:

[begin] As an author, and as part of my personal mission, my greatest wish is to share what I’ve learned with as many people as possible, to help them grow as I have. Towards that end, I write books, primarily, and yes I sell those books! That’s how I survive, and as we learned in Turn Your Passion Into Profit, that’s how any of us survives in this world’s current paradigm: we offer things of value others desire—whether it’s our time, experience, expertise or training—in exchange for things of equivalent value we desire.

It’s nice to know that others have, indeed, found value in my creations. My books have been used as texts for university courses, as guides by other coaches, and my ideas have been quoted by Guerrilla Marketing guru Jay Conrad Levinson, music industry pioneer Chuck D, and other business authors worldwide. It is my hope that you too can find something of value among the brands and products I’ve created as I share what I know–information, inspiration, ideas and instruction–across a range of personal passions in matters of business & entrepreneurship, writing & publishing, health & healing, travel, relationships and more, to help others grow! [end]

Followed by all of my logos:

That’s what motivates ME! That’s what fuels each new book, project, idea and the logos I use to market them!

The question is: What will inspire YOU? What’s going to be YOUR mission? What will fuel you to keep going day after day? Will it be to leave a legacy for your children? Help your family step up a notch on the ladder of prosperity? Achieve a personal sense of accomplishment? Fulfill a promise to a loved one? Live longer and in better health to help those you care about?

A worthwhile personal mission, tied to the ardent pursuit of a passion…can move mountains and change the world! Make it your mission today to find a mission for your passion!

A Day in the Life My Daily Task List

A peek: my morning routine living the passionpreneur lifestyle

Every day living my passionpreneur lifestyle is a little different, but each one typically starts out about the same. Here’s a peek into the mornings, along with some explanatory links (all links open in new browser windows, so you won’t lose this page) as well as the rest of the day:

4:00am wake up; weigh myself; record weight and other items in my fast/health journal

• check my tracker stats for visitor totals for blogs and websites (discoversaipanblog, passionblog, adeptblog, parasiteblog, jamaicaninchina)

• check my book sales on Amaz, GooglePlay, Smashwords

• check overnight incoming email (tour requests, coaching requests, personal emails, USPS tracking updates, free download alerts, website sales, Google alerts, domain renewals…)

• check overnight visits to most popular videos on other channels (LaMancha documentary, Jamaicans…)

• check mainland US headlines on and world headlines at

• check and (for local developments here on Saipan)

• check my youtube feed for new releases from my favorite channels (TUG, TheQuartering, The Why Files…if you want the full list, leave a comment below!)

• review my daily tasks; move yesterday’s completed tasks down & set new tasks/goals for today

• Responding to email (tour inquiries, book inquiries)

• Editing/creating Youtube videos in Openshot

• Record audio or video in my home studio

• Work on infographics or fun graphics like this in GIMP2

• Post to blogs

• add content to any book projects I may currently be working on (The Parasite Report, at present)

A look at how I set up my home studio

5:00am If I’m working on and documenting any Ageless Adept protocols (fasting, cleansing, detoxes)–and I usually am–this is when I might do a castor oil flush, MMS bath, other protocol.

6:00am If I am recording a Youtube video for any of my channels, this is when I typically have to stop as this is when the restaurant next door turns on its exhaust fans and things in the neighborhod start to get noisy

By 6:00am, the sun rises and the neighborhood comes alive. I may be out jogging!

6:30am  If I’m not fasting, and if this is a Mon, Wed or Fri, I may head out at this time to run barefoot on the beach for two miles. Takes about half hour.

Two-mile beach run

7:00am This is when I would typically schedule any coaching calls from mainland US coaching clients.

9:30am Out and About: I’ll typically head out to run errands or just to take a break and see the island!
(purchases, laundry, post office, visit friend, sunbathe…)

12Noon onward I’ll typically be working intermittently on any number of projects having to do with the 24+ books, 5 Youtube channels, 88 domains, 12 facebook pages I manage– all while watching Youtube videos on any number of mindless entertainment or educational topics (legal, politics, comedy, social commentary, cooking, mystery, travel, red pill, business insights, survival and more!)

1:30pm If a one-hour sunbath is in my plans–and if weather permits–this is when I’ll typically head out and up to the north end of the island to a secret spot and sit on the rocks at the high point of the sun

Watch me mountain climb in flip flops!

3:00pm  From this time on, I’ll be resuming any number of tasks started at 4:20am, cooking (if not fasting)…

OTHER VARIATIONS OF MY TYPICAL DAY: the routine is a little different on (a) tour days, (b) workshop days, (c) fasting days/weeks, (d) Saturdays, (e) special project lockdowns (.i.e., when a special project–like a revamp of ALL my websites or updates of ALL my books, or the coding for some software I’m creating–consumes all my waking hours and I work on nothing else but! )

A recent, special multi-day tour: (click image to experience it)

AND, OF COURSE:  A lifetime ago, when I worked as a civil engineer on the 73rd floor of World Trade Center One, I remember looking out the window down at the end of the aisle of cubicles and desperately yearning to be free so I could “go see a movie in the middle of the day!”  Not so often these days, but every once in a while I’ll head out to the single movie theatre here on Saipan for the earliest show (typically 1pm or 4pm) and take in a flick!

A Day in the Life My Daily Task List

What I did today

Working from lists is one of my “secrets” for being productive and managing my four identities, 5 Youtube channels, two dozen websites, 48 books and just everyday life! Here is my actual “done” list from yesterday (some of it gets a little geeky, so feel free to ask for clarification in the comments section):

DONE- Complete preparation of all blogs
DONE- submit article and headshot to local newspapers
DONE- reply to R. (coaching client)
DONE- use AWS SES* for MailPoet plugin
DONE- set up AWS SES for
DONE- use AWS SES for
DONE- use AWS SES for
DONE- use AWS SES for blog
DONE- post “What channel should I focus on?” to
DONE- re-install wordpress from scratch
DONE- create link
DONE- check that Analytics code for blog is working
DONE- place Vitaminlife order

*Amazon Web Service’s Simple Email Service; this allows emails from the MailPoet plug-in of my blogs to be reliably delivered to subscribers.

As I said, I have multiple identities, websites, channels and blogs, whenever I work on a new project (e.g., setting up blogs), I create a template of the steps involved because:
(a) I’ll more than likely have to repeat them
(b) I can offer the templates in my Websites That Sell Checklist and/or my Zero Cost Business Operations Manual. (Free at

So, with that said, here is the template I use along with the confirmation email I use for the MailPoet WordPress plug-in

• set up MYSQL database in hosting account (e.g., ionos→hosting→databases)
• download and extract latest version of WordPress
• modify, rename wp-config-sample.php to wp-config.php
• upload WP files & directories to domain/directory (
• run installation process
• install & activate Classic Editor plug-in
• install & activate Classic Editor Addon plug-in
• install & activate Classic Widgets plug-in
• install & activate MailPoet plug-in
• install & activate GA Google Analytics plugin
• change all relevant settings & identity
• change media settings 500×500 1000×1000
• change default post category & default mail category
• set up permalink
• create Google Analytics property for blog;
• input Google Analytics code into wordpress settings
• choose theme (I like the simplicity of TwentyTwenty)
• create welcome post; delete static page
• change appearance->widgets->footer1 & footer2
• change social media menu
• set up MAILPOET (welcome,post notice,form, lists, settings)
• use AMAZON AWS SES SMTP for sending emails
• no need to create SPF record in DNS settings(ionos→domains→DNS→add record)
• no need to create DMARC record in DNS settings

• Use this as confirmation email template

[This email is safe! See “Important” details below.]
Welcome to the PassionPreneur™ Blog mailing list!
Please confirm your subscription by clicking the link below:I CONFIRM MY SUBSCRIPTION!IMPORTANT: If you see a spam/safety warning in this or the welcome email (or if it ends up in your spam/promotions folder), don’t worry, these emails are safe and are coming from me. To PREVENT this happening for future emails from me, try the following:(a) add AND to your contacts(b) mark the email as “not spam”

(c) remove “promotions” label and click “apply”

(d) create a FILTER and allow emails from me and/or check “do not send to spam”

The instructions for taking any of the above steps will vary for Gmail, Yahoo, and other email providers/services.

Thank you,




This is a new series/category I’m testing out. If you’ve found it helpful or wish to request additional information, please leave a comment below.–Walt

Passion Projects

Which Youtube Channel Should I Focus On?

THE BIG QUESTION: Which identity & Youtube channel should I focus on?

BACKGROUND: I have four passion identities, 49 books/products, two dozen active websites (88 domains), 5 blogs and 5 Youtube channels:

(a) The Ageless Adept (fasting; age reversal)
(b) The Passion Prophet (turn passion into p)
(c) The Jamaican in China (travel Asia Pacific region) youtube/jamaicaninchina
(d) The Jamaican on Saipan (tours and daily life)
(e) The LifeRhymes on Youtube (my 500+ life rhymes)

I think I can eliminate Jamaican in China™ since I’m not traveling at the moment and so there’s not enough content for the Youtube channel.

Even though it’s my flagship brand, I think I can also put The Passion Prophet on the back burner–at least for a while–simply to focus on something new.

Therefore, the two identities/channels in contention are:

The Ageless Adept™ (“How I Live a Natural Life in an Unnatural World”)


The Jamaican on Saipan™ (“Discover the history and the mystery of Saipan with Walt F.J. Goodridge, the Jamaican on Saipan!”

• Book Sales:
Based on book sales, the Ageless Adept™ series sells the most on Amazon–particularly the book Fast & Grow Young

• Personal Life:
In my own life, I’m on Day 29 of a water-only, no-food fast and am always hyperfocused on fasting and cleansing. I experiment with new products, protocols and health practices.

So, should I be focusing on The Ageless Adept™ more?


THE CASE FOR JAMAICAN ON SAIPAN (Daily life and tours here on Saipan):
• Already “famous”
Very popular Youtube videos already exist that have made me locally-known
(a) America’s Forgotten Colonies documentary: (64k + 87k) = 151,000 views
(b) What’s it Like Being Jamaican on Saipan 32,000 views
(c) Meet the Pioneers on Pagan: My Pagan adventure: 35,000 views
(d) I am in the newspapers for the articles I write, my tours and other recognition

• Book sales
My Saipan books are the next best sellers

• Personal life
This is where I live, so there’s always “a day in the life” content

• Channel head start
This channel has the most subscribers; it’s only 294, but it’s still more than the other channels.

• Business life
I do tours here and my website ( along with my tours on other platforms (Tripadvisor, Viator, etc.) occupy the top 5 or more spots on Google for a search of “saipan tours”

So, should I be focusing on the Jamaican on Saipan identity/channel more?

Maybe I need to do an informal survey:
Any thoughts? Which of these seems more appealing to you as a watcher of Youtube channels??


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