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In the pursuit of money and career, people often sacrifice the things they are really passionate about. In the execution of their daily diet, people are often sacrificing their health. In prioritizing their desire to be in a relationship, people sometimes sacrifice the full expression of their own sexuality. I’ve observed and experienced this in my own life as well as in the choices and outcomes of those around me.

This sad reality is often due to societal pressure to be, do and have certain things in certain ways and at certain times in our lives.

A life can be balanced in many ways. When I, however, talk about a life that’s “integrated,”  I’m referring to how balanced it is in those areas of career, diet and relationships. The questions are:

Is your pursuit of a career balanced with the expression of your passion?

Is your daily diet actually balanced with and supporting your health?

Is your relationship offering the satisfaction of your sexuality?

I wrote a short, FREE ebook titled, appropriately enough, The Integrated Life A Blueprint for Balancing Passion With Career, Diet With Health & Sexuality With Relationship (available as a free download at  It was originally targeted to “passionpreneurs” as a primer for the career vs. passion challenge, but is relevant to just about everyone!

It contains a few ideas to get a conversation going (and perhaps lead to  some changes in your life) and includes a short questionnaire test to determine your “Integration Quotient,” a score of how well you’re doing on your journey. I’ve just spent the last few days coding and have re-set and relaunched the online version of that test on my website:
TAKE THE TEST (and receive 4 free ebooks) AT:

Share it with your friends and get a conversation going! (Note: I do all the coding myself, so let me know of any tweaks I need to make)