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Never Give Discounts! Here’s Why…

Here’s a business philosophy I learned from a professional photographer friend of mine….



These 3 Quotes Changed My Life!

Sometimes, a simple idea expressed in just the right way can have a profound effect on your way of thinking and your outcomes. Or, it can reaffirm or give just the right words to an idea you’ve always believed or practiced. I’m going to share with you three quotes that have stuck with me and have had the greatest impact on my life’s journey not only as a passionpreneur but in all aspects of my life–that I return to again and again and share with others since I encountered them many years ago and until today.

Passion Projects

The “Hailey Wong, Passionpreneur” Coaching Final Installment

Break out the tissues for this one! Hailey is touched by the poignancy of my suggestions during this final installment of our on-the-spot passionpreneur coaching session in Macau during my Jamaican in China & Beyond adventure! (See all 5 installments on the channel)

Passion Projects

An Impromptu Passionpreneur Coaching Session Caught on Camera

Even when I’m in my “Jamaican in China & Beyond” superhero persona, my “Passion Prophet” alter-ego is often called into action: During a stroll through Old Taipa, Macau, my friend Ron and I stopped into one of his favorite frozen treat spots, a café called Céleste Artisan 943. We met Hailey Wong, passionpreneur & one of the owners of the café and started a cordial “nice-to-meet you” chat. Hailey must have uttered the magic words that coaxed the passion genie out of the bottle, and our chat turned to things passion- and purpose-related.

As described on the Taipa Village Macau site:
Tranquilly located in a cozy alley in Taipa Village, Céleste Artisan 943 appears like a normal café but is actually a vibrant and artistic space for relaxation and mind restoration. It is composed of three zones, served with different functions but embody the same craftsman’s spirit. As its name implies, “Céleste” derives from a Latin word which means “Heavenly” or “Paradise,” indicating that the space is a relaxing realm for everyone to unwind with the touch of “Art of Living.”

So, while I wasn’t in the “Passion Prophet” alter-ego at the time, this casual (but pre-ordained, universally-perfect) introduction and conversation–with Hailey and I sharing photographer duties–
became a 30+-minute convo-cum-coaching session in which we talked about:

• gaining clarity about one’s purpose on the planet

• How Céleste Artisan 943 might fulfill her purpose

• The obvious, tailor-made, soul-chosen, purpose-specific challenge to be overcome on the way to that goal

As I do in my PassionProfit™ coaching, workshops, books and on the @therealPassionpreneur Youtube channel, we don’t dwell merely on the surface of things, we take deep, introspective dives into the personality, purpose, passion and person behind the products!

Hailey has done some life coaching in the past, but as is so often the case, even the most gifted “Saviors” (see the Creator/Savior/Guru/Guide purpose foursome in Turn Your Passion Into Profit) among us–those who can see and heal others’ issues–sometimes need an objective outsider to point our eyes toward the obvious-overlooked. For even a doctor sometimes needs a doctor. Keep your tissues nearby in the later episodes: Meanwhile, here is part 1:



A Day in the Life

This is why I escaped from corporate confinement…

Years ago, when I was a frustrated civil engineer working in the World Trade Center in New York City, one of the motivations that prompted me to quit my job and become a passionpreneur was simply to have the freedom to go see movies in the middle of the day. That freedom can also be expressed as the freedom to be a nomadpreneur with the mobility to wander the planet–for months at a time–while still generating income!

When I travel, I take on a new identity and become “The Jamaican in China…and Beyond!” (the blog)

If you’d like to see what that freedom could like for YOU, check out my Jamaican in China Youtube channel where I upload my adventures in China, Singapore, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines and beyond! Experience a month in the life of a passionpreneur-cum-nomadpreneur, subscribe, learn about my “Many Me” travel philosophy, and use my experience as your own motivation to escape the rat race to follow your passion!

And, to learn HOW I crafted that escape and how you can too, check out Turn Your Passion Into Profit, the book!



Are you living an integrated life? Take the test and find out!

BE THE FIRST TO TAKE THE TEST (and receive 4 free ebooks) AT: share it with your friends and get a conversation going!

In the pursuit of money and career, people often sacrifice the things they are really passionate about. In the execution of their daily diet, people are often sacrificing their health. In prioritizing their desire to be in a relationship, people sometimes sacrifice the full expression of their own sexuality. I’ve observed and experienced this in my own life as well as in the choices and outcomes of those around me.

This sad reality is often due to societal pressure to be, do and have certain things in certain ways and at certain times in our lives.

A life can be balanced in many ways. When I, however, talk about a life that’s “integrated,”  I’m referring to how balanced it is in those areas of career, diet and relationships. The questions are:

Is your pursuit of a career balanced with the expression of your passion?

Is your daily diet actually balanced with and supporting your health?

Is your relationship offering the satisfaction of your sexuality?

I wrote a short, FREE ebook titled, appropriately enough, The Integrated Life A Blueprint for Balancing Passion With Career, Diet With Health & Sexuality With Relationship (available as a free download at  It was originally targeted to “passionpreneurs” as a primer for the career vs. passion challenge, but is relevant to just about everyone!

It contains a few ideas to get a conversation going (and perhaps lead to  some changes in your life) and includes a short questionnaire test to determine your “Integration Quotient,” a score of how well you’re doing on your journey. I’ve just spent the last few days coding and have re-set and relaunched the online version of that test on my website:
TAKE THE TEST (and receive 4 free ebooks) AT:

Share it with your friends and get a conversation going! (Note: I do all the coding myself, so let me know of any tweaks I need to make)

What's the Big Idea?

What’s the Big Idea Episode 3: The Music Entrepreneur’s Calendar

The Music Entrepreneur’s Calendar was my third big idea! Here’s the story behind it:


What's the Big Idea?

What’s the Big Idea? Episode 2: This Game of Hip Hop Artist Management

Let me tell you the story of my second “big idea!” It was the second book I wrote, and I started generating income from it before I even created it!

What's the Big Idea?

Where my ideas come from #1: Change the Game

My first book, Change the Game, was my first “grand slam” idea! The income from sales of that single book matched my civil engineering income and ultimately helped free me from corporate employment! Here’s where that idea came from and the principle behind it.


What’s a “Preneurpreneur???” Glad you asked!

Okay. Follow me on this.

As you know, a passionpreneur is someone who is using his/her passion as the basis of an entrepreneurial venture; creating products or services based on or inspired by a unique passion(s).

A nomadpreneur is someone who becomes or remains an entrepreneur and generates income inspired by, consistent with, facilitated by or even despite his/her nomadic lifestyle.
See (aka

A Hip Hop entrepreneur generates income based on, inspired by or in the furtherance of his/her passion for the music, dance, art, clothing and language of Hip Hop

A pandemicpreneur is someone who succeeds despite, or as a result of the unique circumstances and market opportunities that come with a pandemic!

Here on Saipan, I launched the “Saipanpreneur” Project to encourage entrepreneurial ventures within the community. The SaipanWriter’s workshop series was just one of its manifestions.
See and

Well, it occurred to me yesterday during my morning routine running on the beach, that a “preneurpreneur” is someone who generates income through entrepreneurial ventures based on, inspired by, in the furtherance of,  and/or to encourage, educate and empower other entrepreneurs in their passion-centered, culture-specific, lifestyle-dictated, circumstance-affected entrepreneurial ventures!

If I (or you) “preneur” ( verb. i.e., create and sell products and services like books, workshops, coachingcourses) based on the needs of and/or to create other “preneurs” (noun), that makes me (or you) a PRENEURPRENEUR!!
(And I now own that domain too!!) 🙂 Just a thought. Maybe I need a new hobby.