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What is Passionpreneur University™?

Just like a real university-level course, Passionpreneur University™'s Master of Passion Degree Program is an ongoing course course and curriculum based on the philosophy and formula in the course text, Turn Your Passion Into Profit, and includes step-by-step guidance, suggested reading lists, tests, special presentations, and will meet once-a-week in our "email classroom" all designed to help you master and graduate to a passion-centered life.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: In this lively, interactive course, author, passionpreneur, nomadpreneur, Walt Goodridge (aka "Professor Passion Prophet"), will share how to: • Discover, develop and profit from the pursuit of your passion • Turn your hobby/talent into a passion-centered business • Develop a viable income strategy • Launch your passion-centered business on the internet • Escape your nine-to-five job & create true freedom if you wish • Make money doing what you love • Help others do the same!

MAIN COURSE TEXT: Turn Your Passion Into Profit (order now) comes with a bonus: Ducks in a Row? How to find the courage to finally QUIT your soul-draining, life-sapping, energy-depleting, freedom-robbing job now...before it's too late…and live passionately ever after! the prequel to Turn Your Passion into Profit

- a passion (everyone has at least one!)
- the desire to break free from limiting ideas, paradigms and expectations
- courage and discipline
- coachability

- Orientation texts: In Search of a Better Belief System, How to Become a Nomadpreneur, 7 Conversations to Freedom
- Workshop/phone-in event announcements
- Downloadable previews of all books & products
- Subscription to weekly course emails

- As a Man Thinketh Special Edition
- The Science of Getting Rich Ebook and Audio
- Coaching discount with any purchase
- More!
- EXTRA CREDIT ASSIGNMENT: The 24 Hour Challenge

- smartphone apps to help turn passion into profit!

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Turn Your Passion into Profit



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$ 9.95


Quickstart Manual



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6 CD Audio


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How to Become a Nomadpreneur (aka. The Untethered Lifestyle)

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$ 3.95

A pocket guide of income strategies, travel jobs & survival tips for expats, vagabonds, techies and rat race escapees who want to see the world AND make money too!
What if you had the freedom to travel the world and make money at the same time? What if your source of income did not depend on your actual physical location?

According to author Walt Goodridge, nomadpreneurs have that freedom! A nomadpreneur is someone whose income strategy allows him or her the freedom to "travel and roam" while generating money "abroad or at home."

Goodridge himself was a frustrated, corporate-cubicle-confined civil engineer in New York City until he engineered his escape from the rat race and ran off to a tropical island to live out his nomadpreneur dream. In this guide, he shares his motivation, methods and mindset as well as specific details of the income strategies he and others use to achieve and sustain what he calls "the untethered lifestyle."